Crazy Red Headed Wedding Woman

Alright so it has been a long time since I posted anything to the blog and I make a comeback with something completely unrelated to the old theme.  Crazy huh?  Anyways, it feels good to add some new content again.

A good friend of mine at Red Ventures recently got engaged to the man of her dreams and they are headed down the road of building out a website describing all cool details of their relationship.  Being a web geek, I asked her if she was going to get a domain and SEO her own wedding…jokingly she said she would rank for ” crazy red headed wedding woman “.  Game on…that woman is going to have to out rank me if she wants that title!

I may as well give her a boost and start her with a link on that anchor text to their wedding page.

Congratulations Jarrid and Krissy!  The best years are yet to come.

Want to know more about these two crazy kids?  See what the crazy red headed wedding woman  has to say and wish them congratulations!

2010 Camaro Specs

2010 Camaro Concept

For a very long time, it seemed that the American muscle car had gone extinct.  We were left with modern, lackluster and sometimes comical interpretations of the golden oldies.  Who can forget the less than stellar Chevy Nova of the 1980′s?  However, things have changed in the automotive world, once more.  While much of the focus is on environmentally friendly cars, the American muscle car may not be done just yet.

The Ford Mustang was the first American muscle car to have a much-needed facelift, followed by the Dodge Charger and Challenger.  Chevy, not be be left out, debuted a much-celebrated concept Camaro back in 2006.  However, once that car show was finished, little more was said about the car, other than vague promises by Chevy to make a production run, sometime.

That time will be 2010 (actually, the first quarter of 2009, as a 2010 model year). Full production is slated to begin in February of 2009, with the first of the cars rolling into dealerships sometime in the first quarter of the year.  This is fantastic news for those who fell in love with the concept’s aggressive, sleek lines.  The new Camaro is something totally new and American’s are waiting to sink their teeth into this beautiful creation of steel and chrome.

While the exterior of the car has been shown many times, with its aggressive stance, long nose and short tail, gills fore and aft and its V-shaped front end, not much has been said about the engines that will be available.  However, Chevy has finally released the specs for Camaro power plants.

LS and LT Models – A 3.6-liter VVT V6 will power the LS and the LT models.  This will be mated with a six-speed manual transmission, using Chevy’s trademark TAPshift system.  The engine and transmission package are rated for 300 horsepower and a startling 26 mpg on the highway.

Upgraded LS and LT Models – As an upgrade, buyers can purchase a 6.2-liter V8 that produces around 400 horsepower.  The manual, six-speed transmission includes advanced fuel economy technology, capable of reaching 23 mpg on the highway.

SS Models – Those with the need for even more muscle under the hood can choose the 6.2-liter V8 package with 422 horsepower.  There are other upgrades for the SS model rumored, but not yet confirmed by Chevy.

The Camaro will also boast 4-wheel disc brakes, an upgrade from the disc/drum combination present for so long with many cars.  For consumers who fear that the new Camaro will be a front-drive let down, fear not.  The new Camaro will hold true to its roots and enjoy true rear-wheel drive power.

However, to purchase the new Camaro, you’ll have to come up with the estimated asking price.  Chevy anticipates $22 – $28,000 for the hardtop and $28 – $35,000 for the convertible model.  What that means is you will have to have financing, unless you have enough cash on hand to buy it outright, of course.  Luckily, auto financing will be widely available for the new muscle car, but you’ll need to ensure your credit is in proper order.

My biggest fear is with the slumping economy.  With so many people  turning away from the SUV and gas guzzling classics like the Mustang and Camaro, we can only hope the sales of this beauty take the auto industry by storm.  One of the new brands I work with (Special Finance Leads) will do it’s part in providing quality leads to the Chevy dealerships to help easy the pains.  Even though the Mustang and Camaro have fought like aggravated siblings for so many year, I for one am excited to see this car back on the streets.  The new era of classic American muscle is here and it is fun being a part of it.

Direct TV Sunday Ticket

Thank You Direct TV, I Am Ready For Some Football!

I am chomping at the bit here.  Football season is upon us.  I am up to date on my team and am knee deep in research for my fantasy leagues.  The best part of it is that I will get all my games in HD this year with my free SuperFan.  I just got the $100 package for free since Direct TV decided not to show up for one of their service calls.  I wass pissed.  I took a half day to work from home and Direct TV never even bothered to call and say they wouldn’t be there.  I have to point the blame on a company called Mastec.  You see, Direct TV doesn’t do all of their service, like many companies they outsource it.  I was lucky enough to get a bad experience and when I complained, Direct TV hit me with free SuperFan.  How in the heck to you argue with that?  I will now be watching the NFL Sunday Ticked in HD and archiving all my Bills games with the half hour replays.

Some times when you get pissed…you get rewarded. DIRECT TV SUNDAY TICKET HERE I COME!

Now you know I always give credit where it is due.  The folks at Direct TV were real nice.  I completely understand that the problem was with the company you contract with.  I do appreciate what you did to make up for the inconvienance.  Much respect.

Google Trends Keyword Comparison

Google trends has been both a fun tool as well as a decent research platform to gather data about keywords. Now Google Trends is giving us the ability to export the data in .csv format all the way back to 2004. When searching in Google Trends, separate the keywords (mustang,camaro,charger) you want to compare with commas in order to see the difference in search query popularity over time. Click on image to view larger.

Google Trends Image For Mustang Camaro Charger

The data shows you spikes in web searches with related articles that may help explain what was happening in the market at those specific times. This obviously helps your analytics should you question any major shifts. The best part of the comparison data is now you can export the statistical results as a .csv to archive, modify or as a means for market predictions and forecasting. The data is served complete with the standard deviation error and provides a great comparison of the competing terms over time. See example…

Mustang Camaro Charger Data

You have to give it to Google. They are constantly making their data more transparent and providing us with free tools to help market predictions. Granted our free tools come at a price of privacy to some extent but in the long run their free tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and AdWords are changing the face of online marketing.

CS Motorsports

The boys over at CS Motorsports have an impressive showcase of custom cars.  They have been serving the Carolina’s since 1993 With over 83 years of combined experience.  They guarantee the best knowledge, service, warranty and price.  Of coarse, after calling around I was able to find plenty of places that beat their price on window tinting for a 2006 convertible mustang in the greater Charlotte area.  Although many people beat them in price, I will likely make the trip to their showroom just to check it out.  The C S Motorsports website is impressive although they are not using it to its true potential with the search engines (other then local search).

According to the CS Motorsports website, they specialize in:
Car Stereo – Navigation – Bluetooth / Handsfree – Car Video/DVD – GPS Tracking / Lojack – Alarms/ Remote Start – Wheels / Tires – Air Horns / Train Horns – Chrome – Accessories – Car & Truck Grills – Heated Seats – Power Windows/ Door Locks – Light Bulbs / HID / Xenon – Tail Lights / Headlights – Running Boards / Nerf Bars – Hitches / 5th wheel / Goose Neck – Spray-in Bedliners / Drop in – Lift kits / Lowering Kits – Full Air Ride Systems – Exhaust Systems – Body Kits / Hoods – Window Tinting – Racing Stripes – Fiberglass work – Computer Chip Performance.

I will post back once I take a tour of their shop and let you all know what I think.  In the meantime, check out their online showroom to see some innovative custom cars.

Car Window Tinting in Charlotte NC

The #1 modification on the GrubbDawg Mustang Laundry List is window tinting. I did some quick calls around the area to find the best source for quality and price. So far C S Motorsports is killing the competition.  They have a well built site that could kick ass in natural search with a few tweaks (I’ll give them a call here soon).

At the bottom of the page you will find a quick reference guide for car window tinting in the Charlotte NC Area. Included are the quoted prices for tinting a 2006 Mustang convertible with 35% tint (the North Carolina legal limit for auto tinting). I should be getting my car tinted within a month so stay tuned for a writeup with some pics. Enjoy!


C S Motorsports – $139
2051 E Franklin Blvd
Gastonia, NC 28054
(704) 853-1990


Speed Styles
13417B E. Independence Blvd
Indian Trail, NC


Unique Visions – $125
622 W Main St
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 324-2663


Carolina Auto Tint – $125
1257 Cherry Rd
Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 328-6866


Premium Window Tinting Of Charlotte – $140
9690 Vinca Circle
Charlotte, NC 28213
(704) 606-8468


Premium Mobile Window Tinting Of Charlotte – $150
212 N Polk Street
Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 345-4043


Big Dog Window Tinting – $160
413 N Polk St
Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 889-1708


Sun Stoppers Charlotte – $180
14105 East Independence Blvd
Matthews, NC 28104
Contact Mike Burke at:
( 704)563-4444


Solstice Window Tinting – $180
Castle Abbey Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 650-4071


Pro-Tint Inc – $189
2702 N Cannon Blvd
Kannapolis, NC 28083
(704) 938-8468


Lightning Mikes Window Tinting: Monroe – $200
1005 W Roosevelt Blvd
Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 225-1629


Are You Ready For Some Football

So I spent draft weekend glued to my TV. With so many disappointing seasons, I look forward to April and grasp to false hopes that my team will actually make the playoffs with the off season acquisitions. My favorite pick this year is by far James Hardy from Indiana. This kid has arms that I swear are 5 feet long each. At 6’6″ 220 and fast, he is an obvious threat. I am in the process of convincing my wife to upgrade from the typical Sunday Ticket to Superfan. My dad is moving back in town and will be spending most Sundays at our place since his town house does not allow them to get DIRECTV so hopefully I can use quality family time as an excuse. He is a big time Colts fan living in the Carolinas so he will need to watch the ticket somewhere. Besides they play my Bills during preseason on August 24th. The game is aired in HD on the NFL Network at 8pm which you can’t get on cable. He will have to come watch his team get crushed in the Bills cave.

Vintagev8 on Nice Day Convertiblitis

Nice Day Convertiblitis

I have to share one of the best reads I have had in years.  I don’t know this guy (yet) but I can tell you he examplifies what we in the Mustang world call a true enthusiast and friend through association.

Vintagev8 from said…

GrubbDawg, I see you are a relatively new member to these Forums. It saddened me the more I read your post, as it became clear, as I have been member for some time and also own a convertible, you are suffering from a very unique malady. “Nice day Convertiblitis”.

I do not think you, being a relatively new owner, can fully appreciate the degree of false euphoria this malady will cause.

Once an infected owner puts the top down, especially with a Roush convertible, the malady is more serious with the dark color models, the resonating sound of the exhaust as you cruise down the highway can cause the driver to, well, never turn back. This situation can be exacerbated by mistakenly turning up the radio / CD / or MP3 player playing some of your favorite tunes and cruising down the highway, thus falsely allowing yourself to believe “this is the life” and thinking you are having a great time. You are not!! It has been found that many drivers from the East coast have recently been arriving at the banks of the Pacific Ocean and standing on the back seat looking over the ocean and singing “Is that all there is”.

The cure I am afraid is to immediately take the car back to the garage, put up the top and only take it out on rainy days. Sorry.

That is in responce to my 3 hour joy ride last Friday,  Much respect!

Replacing Mustang Parking Light Bulbs

Replacing Mustang Parking Light Bulbs
With Xeon Chrome – Amber Bulbs from


3157 Xenon Chrome/Amber Bulbs (big ones)
194 Xenon Chrome/Amber Bulbs (small ones)

Let me begin by saying this process took all of 15 minutes so the writeup will be quick and to the point. I saved time by pulling my Mustang to the edge of my garage to give me an extra half inch of clearance. I am a big guy at 6’5″ 240 with ape like arms but was able to replace the bulbs without jacking up the car.

Mustang Clear Corners Bulb Placement

The above picture is what you will see when looking up under the skirt of your Mustang. Nothing to impressive here and I have to apologize for using an old picture. Note the stock corner lights instead of the clear corners. I reused this image from the “Installing Clear Corners on a Mustang” post. The lights are secured in the housing unit tightly to prevent any moisture from getting inside. Firmly twist them counter clockwise but make sure not to pull down on them. If you do, you risk breaking the bulb inside the unit when it comes loose (then you would need to remove the corner and shake out the debris. While holding the base, gently pull each bulb out of their connectors. Replace the bulbs with the Xeon Chrome-Amber bulbs you bought from Try not to touch the bulbs (not sure if it is an old wives tale or not). They come in a nice small plastic bag that you can use to hold them. Push the Chrome-Amber bulbs into the housing firmly until they are snug. When you insert the bulbs into the clear corners, make sure you apply firm pressure as you turn it clockwise. Turn firmly until you you are not abe to rotate it any further but be careful not to use to much force. Congratulations! You now got rid of that annoying yellow color from the front of your car and you are still street legal.

Mustang before and after bulbs

I personally dont think the pictures do the change justice. It is so much more noticeable in real life since the yellow bends and reflects as you walk around the car. You can still see the difference the Xeon Chrom-Amber bulbs made to the clear corners though.

Mustang street legal lights


Can you tell which of the above had the Xeon Chrome-Amber bulbs? Neither can I and I took the pictures. I can tell you that the above picture is of two mustang clear corners. One has the basic orange bulb and the other has the bulbs purchased from Mustang Performance Specialists.

Mustang front end with chrome-amber bulbs and clear corners

I think this picture does the Mustang clear corners with chrome-amber bulbs a little more justice. You definitely need to be walking around her or see her in real life to appreciate the major change. My Mustang is black with red accents and now has no yellow or orange tones in its styling. When my wife can tell the difference it must have been worth it.

StangMods Mustang Modifications and Performance Parts Mustang Performance Parts

As you all know, I am constantly looking for more mustang modifications for Black Sunshine. I have been looking at a ton of sites and following all kinds of forums while brainstorming on what to do. While I was hunting around for a set of Chrome Amber Bulbs to go with my clear corners, I stumbled upon What a find (thanks Partsbill)!

For those who have been there you know what I am talking about. I found myself browsing their site for over an hour just brainstorming what to do next to my mustang. StangMods has just about everything from lights to headers, wheels and gears. If you are looking for any kind of mustang performance parts or styling modifications then you need to check them out. Free shipping always adds that little added bonus at the end of the shopping cart. The prices kick ass and their cart is clean and secure.

I added them to my favorites and will definitely keep everyone up to date if anything new and exciting comes up. As far as their site is concerned, StangMods loads fast and super easy to navigate through. Their parts directory is split up and are easily found through their left navigation. They have obviously done some SEO research or have a developer who has a clue. Their URL structure is clean and meta data is unique and clean for all mustang parts. Impressively, each image of a mustang part has alt text which most sites ignore. I only wish their header image would return me to the hompage when clicked.

Anyway, I was impressed by their online store and how clean their site is. I will definitely buy from them again.